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About Art

Where is the Stars verge?
Where is the Border of the Universe?
   And gaze turns to heavens,
   And You hold your breath ….

What is Love is?
Where is generated this magnetic flux,
That swallow up You?
    And gaze turns inwards,
   And You hold your breath…

What is sinking in black gaps of Your pupils?
And how it is come to Your imagination?
   And gaze stand motionless,
   And You hold your breath ….

What is the Art?
Oh…  Art is only that -
    what takes Your breath away and                     makes Your heart skip a beat…

                                    Galy Galsh                  

May be you know answers?
What is Your answer on those everlasting questions?
Please, write it and leave it in my Guestbook
in any Language you can describe your feelings

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